Horse Thief Hollow

What a great community we live in! Lots of small businesses around so I decided to go out and meet this people, photograph them in their enviroment and come up wih a body of work that reflect them and the impact they have in our community Horse Thief Hollow

So here is the first post for my Environmental Portraits series. This time is Horse Thief Hollow, a great bar/restaurant/hang out right here in Beverly! The great thing about this venue is that it's just 2 blocks away from my house! ;) No, really…we finally have a super cool place where you can get OUTSTANDING food and where they brew their own beer! How can that get any better…??

The ambiance of the place is just fantastic, very high wooden ceiling, open nice space and perfect lighting. First time I stopped in there I thought "…I have to bring my camera here!…" So thats what I did. I talked to the manager of the place Lizzy and she invited me over one morning before they opened to take pics. The setup was fast and easy, only thing missing was Neil, the owner :(

Luckily for me Lizzy didn't mind posing and we ended up with this great picture of the place...

So, if you haven't yet (which I don't really know why you haven't) stop by HTH and check it out…but chances are that you've already done so…!

Horse Thief Hollow is located at 10426 S Western Ave  Chicago, IL 60643 (773) 779-2739