Figlia - Environmental Portraits - photography Chicago beverly


Continuing with my environmental portraits sessions, we come to Figlia accessories Boutique on Walden St. Rebeca and he husband opened their doors almost 2 years ago. They sell gifts and accessories for pretty much any event you canimagine…Figlia is not just a 'bijouterie' shop, they carry really cool and funky stuff, like their one-of-a-kind scarfs, scented candles (in italian vases), watches, purses and more…they even host some after hours parties for you and a group of girlfriends, but I think the item that hit home more than anything (probably because I've only been a dad for less than 3 years) is their baby clothes slecetion. Dresses, hats, crotchets are just a few of the items that I will be getting for my beautiful 2 little girls…and of course a scarf for my wife!


So if you havent' done so, check it out. Your wife/girlfreind/mom will appreciate it ;)


Figlia is located at 9907 S. Walden Parkway 773-233-8848