Midnight Circus in Mt. Greenwood - photography Chicago beverly

Midnight Circus-33
The circus is in town! And I'm lucky enought to have 2 little daughters and use that as an excuse to make it over there!, so we bought our tickets...I have to say that the last time I was at the circus was probably 30 years ago...I do remember lots of clowns, magic and of animals!, well, the midnight circus din't have much of that, but they DID have a lot of action. What a energy packed crew!, see, the Midnight Circus is more an acrobat and music kind of circus, more like a cirque du soleil kind of thing...and what an impressive show the put out!
Midnight Circus-188 Midnight Circus-133 Midnight Circus-229
Mia, my older daughter enjoyed it more than my 1.5 year old, she kept trying to climb on things and was humming the circus song all the way back home. All in all, it was a very good all around family day! I'm very glad that the city of Chicago and out alderman put this together...

Hope you guys enjoy the pics!