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Lil's shop offers a selection of products that meet all kind of restrictions: gluten, sugar, carb, corn casein, anything FREE!! Marcie  realized how limited any good-tasting dietary restriction foods were and while she was caring for her mother (Lil) got the motivation to do the research that eventually lead to the opening of her shop…Lil's offers a HUGE selection of baked goods, pastas, snacks, treats, candy and more! I mean, what a AWESOME store to have in the neighborhood! and what a big heart Marci has…after talking for a couple of minutes, you can tell that she REALLY cares…she told me some amazing stories of people's life changing drastically just by adjusting their diets…and not only they provide to our neighborhood, the ship ALL OVER THE WOLRD!

Lils Gluten Free Store-11

Lils Gluten Free Store-4

That got me thinking about making the change to a gluten-free diet…we'll see…!

Plus the gals that work here are just something else, fun, energetic and pretty cute too ;) …if you don't believe me, check the pictures for yourself!

Lils Gluten Free Store-52 Lils Gluten Free Store-50 Lils Gluten Free Store-44

Lil's Dietary Speciality Shop 27388 W. 111th St, Fairfield Square (773) 239-0355