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So a few weeks back I was asked to photograph a group of yogis that where completing their teacher's training class at Next Yoga in Wheaton, IL. I was so excited about this and I was pretty sure they wanted to be photograph at the yoga studio...well, after talking to their teacher Nicole, we decided to hit the streets of Wheaton, IL and do some urban yoga style shoot.

Can't be happier with the results. All the teachers were super open to all my ideas and we really had a blast. Photographing yogis is not my strong suit (since I know absolutely nothing about it) but luckily for me, Nicole came along and was able to guide and help pose them. 

For more info on this awesome yoga studio, please check out their site  or you can find them on Facebook 


For all of you photography-geeks, I did use a Profoto B1 with a 3 foot Octabox and shot with a Canon 5d Mark III. The light that the Profoto B1 puts out is just AMAZING! I was able to shoot all day starting at noon with no issues. Their HSS is just superb and the results are fantastic. 

Hope you guys enjoy the images, we had a blast shooting them and downtown Wheaton (or its backalleys) provided the perfect backdrop for it. 

Hope to shoot this guys again very soon.

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